West Chester Golf & Country Club

House Rules

Updated 2014

The facilities of the WEST CHESTER GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB are maintained for the recreation and pleasure of our members and their guests. The following rules and regulations have been adopted to ensure our standards are observed, and to maintain an enjoyable clubhouse experience at all times. Members should familarize themselves with these rules, and should also ensure their guests are aware of our rules prior to bringing them to visit the club.
The main areas of the Clubhouse include:
  • The Dining Room & Patio
  • The Bar
  • The Ball Room
  • The Office Suite (upstairs)


 MONDAYS:  The Clubhouse is closed on Mondays. However, if a holiday falls on a Monday during golf season, the clubhouse hours may be adjusted to remain open on those Mondays to serve our members who may be enjoying an extended weekend. In those cases, the clubhouse would then typically be closed the following day.
Lunch:                 TUESDAY through SUNDAY:                 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Dinner:                WEDNESDAY through SATURDAY:        5 PM to 9 PM

BAR HOURS:      TUESDAY through SUNDAY:                   11 AM TO CLOSE

Please do not ask the bartender or other staff members to extend clubhouse hours.  Bar hours may be adjusted at the discretion of the House Chairperson.  For Parties and special occasions the closing hour of the clubhouse may be extended when prior notice has been given to the Club Manager. 

Thanksgiving Day:          Clubhouse closed
December 24th:                Clubhouse closes at 3:30 PM
December 25th:                Clubhouse closed
January closing:               Clubhouse closes at 3:00 PM on January 1st and remains closed for two weeks. 

The Pro Shop and Locker Rooms are open during all golf hours during the golf season, Tuesday through Sunday. On Mondays during golf season, these hours are limited to noon through 5:00 PM to align to the limited golf hours on Mondays.

The Pro Shop is closed during the months of January and February.
The Club Business office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Any business transactions, questions regarding monthly statements, etc., may be made during business hours. It should be noted that during January and February, when the Golf Pro Shop is closed, the doors to the Clubhouse will be locked during business hours on Mondays. If you need to come to the business office during this time telephone ahead so that the door can be unlocked for you.
Clubhouse hours may be changed due to unforeseen emergencies, including but not limited to power outages or severe winter storms. Our staff will always endeavor to remain open during regular hours despite these challenges, but management reserves the right to close operations under extreme conditions, or to ensure the safety of our staff and facility. Club management will endeavor to communicate unscheduled closures to members via email to the best of our ability, and as quickly as possible.


There will be no smoking permitted inside any part of the clubhouse at any time, nor in the patio dining area when members are eating. Smoking is permitted in the parking lot. Members must be mindful not to block the main entrance when smoking.
Pennsylvania State Liquor Laws forbid serving a minor, an intoxicated person, or anyone who appears to be intoxicated. We solicit your support and cooperation in adhering to the law in all respects. Our staff has been advised that they are and will be totally supported in any action they take in enforcing the letter and spirit of these laws.

Minors may NOT sit at the bar or sign chits for alcoholic beverages. 

There is a bi-monthly dining room minimum which is established yearly by the Board of Governors. If a member is planning to be away from West Chester for a period of at least 30 days and cannot meet their minimum, special arrangements can be made by contacting the business office prior to departure.

An automatic gratuity in the amount of eighteen percent (18%) will be applied to all food and beverage sales.  A state sales tax of six percent (6%) is applied to all food and non-alcoholic beverages.  Sales tax is not applied to the cost of alcoholic beverages. 
Reservations for lunch or dinner in the Dining Room are requested and recommended to ensure your party receives the highest quality of service. Diners without reservations for the Dining Room may have to wait for availability until others have been seated and/or served. Advance reservations are helpful to the management and enable the staff to better serve the membership. 
Reservations are not required for the Bar.
From time to time the club will host various Special Club Events for members, and the announcements for these events will typically indicate that reservations are required. Please call (610) 696-0150, ext. 13 to make your reservations for these events. 
For these events requiring reservations, anyone needing to cancel their reservations prior to the event should do so at least 24 hours prior to the event, so that other members may have the option of filling the space you had reserved. 
Members who make reservations for Special Club Events, but who fail to show up for their reserved seating without having cancelled their reservations at least 24 hours prior to the event, may be required to pay a service fee. The amount of the service fee will be determined by the Club Manager.
Arrangements for special functions such as receptions, dinners, cocktail parties, luncheons, etc. must be made with the Club Manager.   Guests at non-club functions are not permitted access or use of the Club bar.  Contract times for serving alcoholic beverages will be strictly observed. Types or brands of alcohol not covered by contract will not be served. 

Fees for lockers, bag storage and pull cart storage are determined each year by the Board of Governors.

Lockers are available to be rented to the members at a fixed charge each year. Application for a locker shall be made to the Pro Shop, and assignment is made on a "first-come first-served" basis depending on locker availability.
Each golfing membership shall automatically be charged an annual bag storage fee. Members wishing to store more than one golf bag can apply for additional storage, at the same per-bag fee.
Pull carts may be stored in the clubhouse garage for a fixed fee. Please inquire at the Pro Shop if you wish to store your pull cart, and assignment will be made on a “first-come, first-served” basis depending on the storage space available. 


The West Chester Golf and Country Club adheres to the Philadelphia Golf Association dress code which states:

“Players and caddies supplied by contestants are required to observe good taste and dress appropriately for the golf course. Items of clothing such as cargo pants and shorts (baggy clothing with large pockets on outside), blue jeans, short-shorts (bottom of shorts may be no higher than three inches from the top of the knee), tank tops, etc. are considered inappropriate. Anyone attired in such a manner will not be allowed to participate in an Association event.”
The above, as well as the following additions, holds true for our course in order to play at any time:
  • Clothing such as cut offs, numbered jerseys, short skirts, dungarees and all tennis attire are unacceptable. Participants in the “Golf, Tennis, Swim” event may wear tennis attire.
  • Appropriate shorts are three inches above knee or longer.
  • Shirts are to be tucked in, and are to remain tucked in.
  • Ladies’ shirts that do not have sleeves must have a collar, and ladies’ shirts that do not have a collar must have sleeves.
  • Men’s shirts must have a collar.
  • Warm-up suits are acceptable, but sweat suits are not.
  • Billed caps are to be worn with the bill on the front of the head.
*Additionally, you are reminded to clean your soft spikes before entering the club house.
In order to preserve our course, particularly the greens, metal spiked shoes are not permitted.

Tennis attire and tennis shoes are required. "All white" is preferred, but colored tennis clothing is acceptable (this includes tee-shirts with a tennis motif). Players will not be permitted on the courts in jeans, cut-offs, or bathing suits.  Shirts are required at all times. If there is a question as to whether particular shoes or clothes are acceptable, the decision of the Tennis Pro or any member of the Tennis Committee is controlling. Additional information concerning the Golf, Pool and Tennis programs is available in separate publications and can be obtained from either the business office or the Chairperson for that activity.
The following dress code applies throughout the clubhouse during all regular hours and for any club events unless dress code exceptions are otherwise noted in the special event information published by the club. Members are responsible to see that their guests conform to our dress code at all times. 
The following items are inappropriate in any section of the Clubhouse (locker rooms excluded), regardless of gender:
·        Exposed undergarments
·        “See-through” fabric without proper lining
·        Bare midriffs
·        Clothing featuring large brand names, images, slogans, advertisements or logos
·        Torn or sloppy clothing or footwear
·        Bare feet or stocking feet
Most formal or casual shoes are permitted, including appropriate tennis shoes or soft-spiked golf shoes (please clean sports shoes prior to entering the clubhouse). Sandals and open-toe shoes are permitted, but please avoid wearing 'flip-flop' shoes, shower shoes or pool shoes in the Clubhouse.
No bare or stocking feet are allowed at any time. 
Formal and casual shirts and blouses are permitted, including appropriate tennis or golf shirts. Non-collared shirts and tops are permitted, provided they meet the requirements of acceptable club sportswear. 
Tank tops, tee shirts and undershirts are not permitted to be worn as outerwear.
For gentlemen: Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Gentlemen may wear un-tucked shirts provided the shirts in question are designed to be worn un-tucked (e.g., certain tailored tropical shirts). Generally speaking, most shirts do not fall into this category.  For example, golf, tennis and rugby shirts may not be worn un-tucked. 
Slacks, Shorts, Dresses, Skirts:  
Formal and casual wear is permitted, as are appropriate tennis or golf wear. 
Bib overalls, cut-off shorts, swimwear and short-shorts are not permitted.
Denim / Blue Jeans: 
Members are reminded to use the utmost discretion in regard to wearing blue jeans to the club.
Members and their guests may wear presentable blue jeans, with the following restrictions; jeans must be clean and neat, without rips, patches, holes or excessive wear, and without being excessively baggy, or of a style that is worn below the waist to the point of exposing undergarments.  
Work jeans are not permitted. Jeans that are frayed, excessively faded or bleached are not permitted.
Rules Enforcement: 
Please be advised that all matters pertaining to the Clubhouse are under the House Committee’s jurisdiction. The House Committee entrusts the Club Staff with enforcing these rules in the Staff’s capacity as agents of the House Committee. If the attire of any member or guest is not considered appropriate, they may be denied service.
Members must understand that our dress code rules are not all-inclusive due to the subjective nature of fashion and personal tastes. The House Committee and Club Staff reserve the right to judge Members’ dress code decisions on a case-by-case basis. Further, the House Committee insists that Members respect any dress code decisions Club Staff render, and Members are reminded to direct any questions to the Manager on Duty. If any member observes a potential violation of the dress code, they should not confront the potential violator themselves, but instead direct their concerns to Club Staff.
Finally, we ask that our Members assume the responsibility to inform their Guests as to the contents of the Dress Code so that it does not fall solely upon the Staff to do so once the guests arrive at West Chester Golf and Country Club.